Episode 6: Sales is a Process

Today’s theme is about the process of selling. Our guest, Rob Miles, an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, and founder of Thousand Paces, walks us through an example sales process.

The Sales Process

(Example: Selling Tickets at a Ballpark)

  1. Identify Customers
    1. “Two most critical determinants of sales success: Customer Identification, Maximize sales leads
    2. CRM systems
      1. Archtics
      2. Salesforce
  2. Connecting with customers
    1. Direct Mailers – expensive and inefficient
      1. Does not get you in front of your target
      2. Can be easily tracked with QR codes and links
      3. Great if you identify a geographic target
      4. Usually used for family or personal use – mini packages
    2. Telemarketing – Inside sales vs outside sales
      1. Dialing for dollars
      2. Cold call leads, follow up from appointments
      3. Reconnect with old customers
      4. Scripting
    3. Overcoming Objections
      1. “People don’t commit over the phone anymore; we have to get them to the ballpark”
      2. Personal Selling
      3. Face to face in person selling – most expensive usually for higher priced items
  3. Customer Interaction
    1. Quality – winning teams attract more customers
    2. Quantity – personal tickets might only purchase partial season packages
    3. Time – they have other commitments
    4. Cost – tickets are expensive
  4. Follow Up
    1. Its cheaper and easier to sell to existing customers than find new ones
    2. After the sell follow up schedule – nothing kills a deal faster than unused tickets 
      1. Follow up a couple of weeks before the event – do you have enough tickets
      2. Follow up a day before the event – do you have all the parking passes
      3. In seat visit – make sure everything is going okay – did you see the luxury boxes?
      4. Follow up 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 years

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